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Fwd: [CoFSUG] This Saturday, learn how "apt-get" works!

Come to #debian-in/OFTC at 23 hours tonight for final touches to our
plan tomorrow.

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From: Abhijit A.M. <abhijit.comp@coep.ac.in>
Date: Thu, Feb 2, 2012 at 1:18 PM
Subject: This Saturday, learn how "apt-get" works!

Dear students (Comp Engg and IT):

CoFSUG is  organizing a session on "Debian Packaging" on Saturday. All
of you are invited for the same.

* What is the session all about?
Teaching you how packaging works on Debian/Ubuntu systems. You would
be knowing that all you have to do is run commands like "apt-get
install vlc" to install any software like "vlc" on Ubuntu/Debian
systems. The command automatically fetches the "package" from the web
and installs it for you. This sessions explores all the things
involved in this process. It is a part of "Debian Utsav" as mentioned
on http://wiki.debian.org/DebianIndia/DebianUtsav2012

* What will I learn? How do I benefit?
Many things! Things which one normally learns only after entering IT industry.
 - Enter the exiting world of FOSS community! Start becoming a
developer (right here in college!) rather than waiting for some
company to show mercy on you!
 -  How to create an "installable" package from a given source code
(so that it works with apt-get or dpkg commands)
 -  How the FOSS community works
 -  About coding standards
 -  Etiquettes of communicating on web
 - How Free Software gets developed - how the people of the world work
together to do extraordinary feats!

* Contact person:
Sana Khan, B.Tech, 8149890037

* Entry fee:

* Session details: Time, Venue
On: 4th Feb 2012, Saturday
Time: 10:30 AM onwards.
    Session 1: Introduction to Packaging concepts
     Time: 1030 to 1230 Hrs
    Venue: Seminar Hall Entc Extension Building

    Session 2:  Hands on Session
     Time: 1300 Hrs onwards
    Venue: FOSS Lab

* Who will conduct the session?
Pravin A, Senior System Administrator from RedHat will be conducting
this session for all the students, free of cost!

* What are the pre-requisites
For Session-1: None
For Session-2: General familiarity with command line on Linux is a
must, additional knowledge about git, make, etc. will be very handy.
Patience is a must to learn the "process" of free software

Abhijit A.M.
Faculty, Department of Computer Engineering and I.T.,
College of Engineering, Shivajinagar, Pune - 411005

Phone: +91 20-2550-7108

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