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Re: [Debian-in-workers] Final Schedule for MiniDebconf Mangalore Edition

Quoting abhishek jeet (abhiabhi4426@gmail.com):
> Mahesh, We really like the effort taken by you to give the complete
> description about the city.:-)
> 1)Regarding the accomodation of foreign guests and speakers we have already
> booked the quest house of NMAMIT which provides first class facilities with
> wifi connectivity.
> 2)Taxi service for out journey purpose, we have already arranged a taxi.

Many thanks for all this work, Abhishek. I'm amazed by the care you
guys are taking in organizing all this. Please notice that any free
time I can have between 25th and the miniconf can also be devoted to
either do extra talk or presentation about (or around) Debian as well
as eventually meeting people who would be interested in this.

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