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Re: Final Schedule for MiniDebconf Mangalore Edition

Quoting Vasudev Kamath (kamathvasudev@gmail.com):
> Hello All,
> Please find attached the final Schedule for the Minidebconf 2011
> Managalore Edition

Thanks for publishing this. While at it, I might need help in
organizing my own days around mini Debconf.

As already written, I'll arive on Oct 25th at Mangalore airport and
leave on 31th from there too.

So what I need to organize is the following;

- finding a hotel in Mangalore for 25-26, 26-27
- having a mean of transportation in Mangalore for 25-27
- finding a way to go from Mangalore to MNAMIT
- finding a hotel or any other kind of hosting closer to NMAMIT Nitte
(my understanding is that it is "not so close" from Mangalore, about
50km) for 27-28, 28-29 and maybe 29-30
- finding a way to come back to Mangalore either on 29th after the
conference, or on 30th very early (I have to be in Mangalore on 30th
to meetup with a friend)
- again finding an hotel for 30-31 and maybe also 29-30 in Mangalore
(can be the same than in the days before the conference
- finding a way to go to mangalore airport on 31st

In general, that can be seen as easy, but from France, it's a bit more

Hotel recommendations for Mangalore are very welcome. Don't worry
about the price or at least not at first glance..:-). I would welcome
an hotel where booking can be made online or by mail.

Transportation is important for me if I want to do sightseeing and
also for the Mangalore-NMAMIT travel. You can easily understand that
relying on local public transport is kinda adventurous and not so easy
to figure out from here..:-). Car hiring would be much better and
again, hopefully, money is not the main obstacle.

Anyway, any help is appreciated as I see the dates coming closer and
closer, I know this will be Diwali time and I fear of being in
trouble. So, again, any local help will be immensely appreciated..:-)

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