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Re: Sight seeing places near mangalore

Quoting abhishek jeet (abhiabhi4426@gmail.com):
> Hello Everyone,
> This is an informal mail.
> I have put up some of the sight seeing places in/near Mangalore. I hope
> Speakers and Delegates would like to have a visit before or after the
> Minidebconf Mangalore 2011.
> Mangalore is also famously known as "Land of Temples", and you would also
> enjoy the beauty of western ghats. Below I have put up some of the links of
> the famous tourist spots near Mangalore.

That's really great work, thank you for this. If I could abuse, it
would even be greater with a map allowing to locate these places
around the miniconf location, to figure out what's "close" and what's
farther (when people say "close" in a country as wide as yours, I use
to be quite careful..:-))

But really, these places are really appealing (/me particularly thinks
about the falls)

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