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Re: Mini DebConf India time again

Quoting Praveen A (pravi.a@gmail.com):
> 2011/3/14 Christian PERRIER <bubulle@debian.org>:
> > Any planned time for this?
> >
> > (just in case: I generally try to attend one international event
> > around Debian every year -besides DebConf, of course- and I haven't
> > chosen any for 2011)
> Last time mini debconf in was around same time as main debconf, so
> most debian folks could not come. This time we would like to see some
> folks from outside India to join us so we will plan around a time that
> would work for you. Suggest some dates that would work for you. May be
> within next 4 months.

Next 4 months is not that easy for me, though. So, maybe better not
make this a requirement. I could maybe more easily setup something in
October/November, but that's quite far away, of course.

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