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Re: Need inputs


Welcome to the Debian community. 

Ganesh P said on Wed, Mar 02, 2011 at 01:25:14AM -0800,:

 > your advise in fixing them.  I am using GNOME as my DE and I use
 > NVIDIA Georce 7100/nForce 630i mother board.  RAM is around 4 GB
 > DDR2 and processor is intel core2 duo 2.7 Ghz.  Monitor is LG
 > Flatron W1642S LCD.

Pretty nice and mouth watering  h/w specs. ;-D

I suddenly remember that I am using very dated h/w config myself. :-(

 >  1.  The font rendering is quite awkward.  The fonts (every font)
 > look very thin and straining eyes.  Especially in Iceweasel,
 > Chromium & open office documents the font display is quite poor.  I
 > tried tweaking the settings in Appearance preferences->Fonts. I
 > experimented with sub-pixel smoothing etc.  But no noticeble
 > improvement was achieved.  I wanted to achieve font rendering
 > similar

You are probably using the native xserver-xorg-video-nouveau drivers
for your nvidia  graphics chipset.

I believe that the version in squeeze is pretty dated.

Please note the version in Debian "main" repository describes itself
as incapable of rendering 3D, and I guess this is the problem. Please
check by installing mesa-utils package and running glxgears. Run the
application from command line and post output of the command here. 

So, options for you right now - continue with squeeze and install the
non-free drivers from marillat; (go to debian-multimedia.org site), or
if you feel like it, and willing to break your system, "upgrade" to
unstable + experimental.

This is a slow and painful process - do not venture unless you have
unlimited bandwidth; and very familiar with Debian. 

 > 2.  I use Apache2 service for my web development & testing.  I have
 > read it in the debian user forum that without mandatory access
 > controls such as selinux or

That is valid for all public servers. 
 > apparmor we should not run apache2.  If not, we are going to end up
 > with a vulnerable machine.  Is that right?  I could not fine
 > apparmor in debian repository so tried installing selnux in a
 > virtualbox on top o debian as given in URL
 > http://wiki.debian.org/SELinux/Setup.  I could install it
 > successfully, upto default permissive mode, but when I try to set
 > enforcing mode to 1, system becomes non-responsive.  Next restart
 > will end up in blank screen after entering the user id and
 > password.  Is there any better way of securing my home desktop?  Or
 > how do I fix this selinux issue?

While somebody else would answer that, AFAIK, selinux only provides a
framework to the sysadmin for implementing good security. SElinux
byitself is not a security tool. I may be wrong though.

 > 3.  Primary usage of my desktop is for internet browsing, web
 > application development and playing games.  I felt the default
 > graphic drivers of debian were not enough for 3D rendering.  Kindly
 > let me know whether it is advisable to install proprietary drivers
 > from nvidia available in debian repository or continue to use the
 > open source driver Nouveau.

I run "experimental" + "unstable" here - for past 8-9 years. I
recently changed my h/w (hmmm.. 18 months back), and was forced to use
the proprietary nvidia graphics drivers from marillat.

2-3 weeks back, I did an upgrade, and my xorg setup was properly
trashed. I purged all nvidia related proprietary packages and things
are now working fine; but I am on experimental + unstable, and you are
using squeeze; so, YMMV. 

In short, I am getting 3D rendering using xserver-xorg-video-nouveau
drivers. It surprises me; and I use the 7025/630a chipset. 

 >  4.  Which firewall among firstarter & gufw are better suited for
 > home desktop?

I use firehol; no configuration, my system is client for everything on
the net; All pings from outside are blackholed; but I run every
conceivable app as server on 127.0.0.XXX and things work fine.

Try it. You will need to edit /etc/default/firehol* file by hand after
installation to enable it.

Feel free to get back with any question. 

PS:- if possible, please wrap your posts at 70/80 characters.

Mahesh T. Pai   ||
Distributing free copies of non-free software is --
        -- like advertising drugs.

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