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Need inputs


I have installed Debian Squeeze AMD64 on my home desktop recently. Until now I 
was using Fedora KDE.  I am facing few issues with Debian installation and need 
your advise in fixing them.  I am using GNOME as my DE and I use NVIDIA Georce 
7100/nForce 630i mother board.  RAM is around 4 GB DDR2 and processor is intel 
core2 duo 2.7 Ghz.  Monitor is LG Flatron W1642S LCD.

1.  The font rendering is quite awkward.  The fonts (every font) look very thin 
and straining eyes.  Especially in Iceweasel, Chromium & open office documents 
the font display is quite poor.  I tried tweaking the settings in Appearance 
preferences->Fonts. I experimented with sub-pixel smoothing etc.  But no 
noticeble improvement was achieved.  I wanted to achieve font rendering similar 
to fedora or ubuntu.  

2.  I use Apache2 service for my web development & testing.  I have read it in 
the debian user forum that without mandatory access controls such as selinux or 
apparmor we should not run apache2.  If not, we are going to end up with a 
vulnerable machine.  Is that right?  I could not fine apparmor in debian 
repository so tried installing selnux in a virtualbox on top o debian as given 
in URL http://wiki.debian.org/SELinux/Setup.  I could install it successfully, 
upto default permissive mode, but when I try to set enforcing mode to 1, system 
becomes non-responsive.  Next restart will end up in blank screen after entering 
the user id and password.  Is there any better way of securing my home desktop? 
 Or how do I fix this selinux issue?

3.  Primary usage of my desktop is for internet browsing, web application 
development and playing games.  I felt the default graphic drivers of debian 
were not enough for 3D rendering.  Kindly let me know whether it is advisable to 
install proprietary drivers from nvidia available in debian repository or 
continue to use the open source driver Nouveau.

4.  Which firewall among firstarter & gufw are better suited for home desktop?  

Thanks in advance for your time and attention.

Ganesh P


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