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Re: computer problems

I was wondering US has 60Hz supply India has 50Hz.
What was voltage level there you used. I believe its different than India.

Change in voltage and/or frequency might be problem.

On 12/14/10, Faheem Mitha <faheem@email.unc.edu> wrote:
> Hi,
> Sorry for the off-topic message - this has nothing to do with Debian,
> directly anyway. My home computer workstation refused to boot a couple of
> days ago - lights were coming on, but no display. I took it to a repair
> shop, and they managed to get it back up and running by replacing the
> power supply and doing a couple of other things. However, it died again
> yesterday, and this time it is completely dead. I had this machine for 3
> years in the US with zero problems.
> So, I'm asking for recommendations for both repair shops as well as places
> that put together custom machines and preferably know something about
> Linux and Debian. I'm in Bombay, so just Bombay shops, please. Also, the
> repair shop I've been using doesn't offer any warranty. I would be nice to
> have people who warranty their repair work.
> This computer was custom assembled in the US by people who supported
> Debian, and it just runs (ran?) Debian. I figure people who have the good
> taste to run Debian would hopefully have good taste in hardware vendors
> too. Another possibilty would be an off the shelf system, but I like
> custom machines, and Linux support is a potential problem. I'd also
> appreciate suggestions about other forums to ask this question. Thanks.
>                                                            Regards, Faheem
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