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computer problems


Sorry for the off-topic message - this has nothing to do with Debian, directly anyway. My home computer workstation refused to boot a couple of days ago - lights were coming on, but no display. I took it to a repair shop, and they managed to get it back up and running by replacing the power supply and doing a couple of other things. However, it died again yesterday, and this time it is completely dead. I had this machine for 3 years in the US with zero problems.

So, I'm asking for recommendations for both repair shops as well as places that put together custom machines and preferably know something about Linux and Debian. I'm in Bombay, so just Bombay shops, please. Also, the repair shop I've been using doesn't offer any warranty. I would be nice to have people who warranty their repair work.

This computer was custom assembled in the US by people who supported Debian, and it just runs (ran?) Debian. I figure people who have the good taste to run Debian would hopefully have good taste in hardware vendors too. Another possibilty would be an off the shelf system, but I like custom machines, and Linux support is a potential problem. I'd also appreciate suggestions about other forums to ask this question. Thanks.

                                                          Regards, Faheem

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