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Re: Repository switch over to Salsa?

Hello Guillem,
On Fri, Jun 01, 2018 at 03:27:44AM +0200, Guillem Jover wrote:
> On Thu, 2018-05-31 at 18:20:35 +0200, Helge Kreutzmann wrote:
> > Alioth just shut down. Any news on the move?
> Yeah, I noticed, and with it even the redirector is down. :(

I then simply wait for your heads up. In I keep my fingers crossed
that the setup can be resolved soon.

> > > > Are you reestablishing commit access as it is currently?
> > > 
> > > This is also something I'm not entirely sure about. One problem I've
> > > had in the past is when preparing releases, if someone pushes then it
> > > invalidates the current release process, which is annoying. Also
> > > something I think I agree with the APT team, which they kind of
> > > decided as policy recently with the switch to salsa is that if the
> > > committers are not following very closely the project (so both mailing
> > > lists and IRC), it makes it more difficult to coordinate or be on top
> > > of what's going on.
> > 
> > I follow the mailing list. Also I strongly follow your commit policies
> > (which might be improved, so please let me know). Sometimes I also
> > fix some very minor issue in the documentation (like spelling fixes, I
> > think I also unbroke other translations previously). 
> Sure, for major releases those could be announced more promintently on
> the list, to prevent those kind of situation, and I should probably do
> that again more often as I used to do. The problem has usually come from
> hot-fix releases which need to be pushed quickly after an initial major
> release. In those cases being on IRC is very handy. OTOH using the sid
> branch for those, which I was not entirely sold on, means no conflict
> should arise, in theory, but one of the main reasons for that branch
> usage was precisely to just avoid those racing pushes. :)

I check my repositories on a daily basis (when I'm near my primary
machine). So any strings available at least 24 hours should be
translated (dpkg is also my highes priority project), unless of
course, several dozen strings appear at once, but this happens rarely.

If it is a hotfix then I fully understand that a translation might
only make it in the next (sub-)release. 

(Since I don't have access to public IRC at work, I would be blind on 
that spot most of the time anyway).

> > > What I've been pondering about is whether switching to a merge-request
> > > based workflow for translations, or perhaps even a switch to weblate
> > > might work better for everyone?
> > 
> > I'd strongly prefer the current workflow. Having to switch to a
> > (partial) web based workflow would make me seriously reconsider my
> > involvement. Also I'm not sure everything I've done so far (like
> > stated above or fixes for errors in the (old)stable translation)
> > would still be possible then.
> Right, I can understand. Would having your own repo (say on salsa or
> elsewhere) where you push to, and which I'd have as one of my remotes
> (where I already always fetch from all remotes), be a workable workflow?

If everything is automated, i.e. once you update your strings the
salsa copy would by synced automatically (this happens for another
project where I translate) and vice versa (i.e. no manual interception
on my side necessary) I'm fine with it. And it would be great if
I could still fix (if applicable) those minor issues (mainly obvious 
spelling fixes).

> I'd either notice and then integrate the changes, or a mail could be
> sent, in case I've missed some updates? If this would feel too
> cumbersome don't hesitate to say, I'm just trying to see the various
> possibilities here.A

… but sending e-mails I'd rather avoid. I remember times when strings
arrived regularly or at least twice when you improved the man pages
changing quit a few strings in the process. And given that po files
are sometimes nasty in conflict resolution, I'd rather avoid
situations where you are N commits ahead because either of us
delayed/failed to send/read an e-mail and then tricky things need to
be done to sync the strings again.

Thanks for taking care.


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