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Re: Line ending issue when "Reading database"


On Tue, 2017-03-28 at 15:57:33 +0100, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Sven Joachim writes ("Re: Line ending issue when "Reading database""):
> > One problem here is that there is currently no option for dpkg to
> > suppress the output entirely, see bug #539617[1].  The other one is that
> > apt always runs dpkg in a tty, unless an undocumented option is used[2].
> I wasn't aware of that latter.  I think that is a bug in abpt.
> Maybe once upon a time this was a reasonable workaround for ancient
> maintainer scripts, and the need to be able to run apt without a tty.
> But those days are long gone.
> Would someone care to file a bug against apt, requesting that the
> default be changed early in the buster cycle ?

This is definitely an intended feature. apt does that so that it can
intercept the output and log it into the term.log file.

As Sven pointed out, dpkg should just have an option to control the
verbosity of its output, at various levels, one of which would to
simply remove "progress-bar" style reporting. It's something that
bothers me too, so I have it in mind, it's just work in progress,
as it "required" going over all still remaining output and wrapping
them over new functions. I think I'm only missing few now, so I'll
probably finish it up in buster.


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