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Re: Idea: sbuild/pbuilder "--dgit" option

On Sat, Dec 31, 2016 at 12:57:01AM +0000, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Sorry, I have obviously not been clear.  I was suggesting a documented
> option to pbuilder which asks pbuilder to produce dgit-compatible
> source packages.

Oh, indeed I didn't understand that much.
Well, that requires some more thoughts to me, as I'm not sold that a
used need such shortcut.
Besides, another way would be to just not build the source; there is no
need for it, as
1) the source is already built out of the chroot
2) dgit is already able to merge .changes by itself if needed
so you could just call it with '--debbuildopts -b' (wondering whether
_this_ needs a shortcut) to only build the binaries, and you have no
issues whatsoever concerning the source.  I bet this would be a good
solution for sbuild too.

> Now, as you say, pbuilder invokes debuild.  Maybe I should be asking
> for a --dgit option to debuild.  Should I CC the debuild (devscripts)
> maintainers too I wonder...

No, pbuilder doesn't use debuild (and why would it…), it calls
`dpkg-buildpackage`.  I know the name of the option '--debbuildopts' is
a tad misleading, but such is life and I can't really change it now...

> What I was suggesting was that users should, as an alternative, be
> able to do the build themselves rather than via dgit, and still get
> the .gitignore included.

Is such a method (being able to call directly the builder without going
through the dgit "wrapper") already supported by the other supported
"backends" of dgit?

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