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Re: Intent to commit craziness - source package unpacking

Guido Günther writes ("Re: Intent to commit craziness - source package unpacking"):
> The authorship and subject information is taken from the patch if
> available or made up from the filename and committer when not.
> If patches in the series file are in subdirs of debian/patches we store
> that in "Gbp-Pq: topic" in the commit message. The patch name itself
> is stored in "Gbp-Pq: Name" we can reproduce it on "gbp pq export"
> independent from the patch's subject.


> >   Bear in mind that because the output of gbp-pq import doesn't
> >   contain debian/patches, I would need to rewrite its output (perhaps
> >   with git-filter-branch).
> 'gbp pq import' does have 'debian/patches' since it just puts the
> patches that are in debian/patches on top of the unpatched source
> tree. In contrast to your solution it doesn't try to be able to
> roundtrip without changes for any given series on "gbp pq export". This
> is only true if the series was also created by "gbp pq" (or adheres to
> what git-format-patch does).

Currently the output of dpkg-source --commit doesn't look much like
the output of git-format-patch.

I have tried to make dgit produce patches (when it needs to produce
patches) that look like dpkg-source --commit.  But maybe it should
produce patches using git-format-patch (or that look like

Thanks for suggesting libvirt as an example.  I will play about with


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