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Enquiry about libdpkg-perl alternatives

[ Module maintainers and users CCed for lists, and BCCed for people
  (where I've omitted those I suspect (?) read the maintainer lists).
  Please follow-up on d-dpkg and your maintainer list if relevant. ]


I was checking for perl implementations of things provided now by
libdpkg-perl and I see there's several of them, I'd like to canvas the
reasons for the existence of those in case it's due to deficiencies in
libdpkg-perl for example. In the same way, I'm interested in the
reasons the users of those modules had when chosing them instead of

Also if there's interest, I'm happy to discuss possible missing feature
merge-backs and possible transition handling to deprecate some of the
modules. For example the changelog parsing implementation in libdpkg-perl
was merged a while back from the one in libparse-debianchangelog-perl,
but I think some of the output formatters are still missing there.

The current modules list and their users I've got includes:

 * libdpkg-parse-perl
   - dh-make-perl
 * libparse-debcontrol-perl
   - customdeb
   - dh-haskell
   - duck
   - libdebian-copyright-perl
   - libdebian-source-perl
 * libparse-debianchangelog-perl
   - aptitude
   - customdeb
   - dh-haskell
   - dh-make-perl
   - license-reconcile
   - lintian
   - pkg-perl-tools
 * libparse-debian-packages-perl
   - multistrap
 * libdebian-source-perl
   - dh-elpa
   - dh-make-perl
 * libdebian-copyright-perl
   - license-reconcile
   - pkg-components
   - pkg-perl-tools
 * libconfig-model-dpkg-perl (parts)

Feedback, much appreciated!


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