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Potential bug in dpkg when using pre-depends?

Hi everybody,

I have encountered a strange behavior when combining apt-get and pre-depends rules in the control file. The story is as follows:

I have a package, lets call it 'main package', with the following rules in the control file:
pre-depends on package 'A' and depends on package 'B'

I have noticed that dpkg creates temp files of the .config files under /tmp folder and tries to execute them ( I assume that this is done for some kind of caching?)

The problem: pre-depends behaves differently depending on the mount permissions of /tmp

1. when /tmp is set to be executable:
When installing the main package, package A is not fully installed and postinst scripts have not been executed, and package B is failing due to that.

2. when /tmp is set to be 'noexec':
When installing the main package, i see errors that the .config files under /tmp folder could not be executed, but then package A is fully 
installed (if i am not mistaken from /var/lib/dpkg/info) and following is package B that is successfully installed also.

The question is why there is a difference in the behavior? the outcome should be the same regardless the permissions on /tmp folder.
How can i make the behavior of (1) to be like (2) ?

Thanks a lot,

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