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Re: [debhelper-devel] Bug#825792: issues caused by lack of a bpo in jessie

Nicholas D Steeves:
> Package: debhelper
> Version: 9.20160403
> Dear maintainer,
> Please backport debhelper to Jessie.  Here are the issues I've
> encountered resulting from its absence:
> 1) lintian bpo version depends on a newer debhelper
>     - lintians errors must presently be ignored
> 2) without a newer debhelper, one of the following occurs
>     a) a package ignores removing explicit creation of -dbg packages
>         to reduce bpo maintainance, which needlessly impedes progress to Stretch
>     b) bpo maintenance becomes a needless hassle as those -dbg rules need to be
>         added for each bpo release.
> 3) a bpo of Magit 2.x requires dh_elpa, thus a newer debhelper
>      - the changes between Magit 1.x and 2.x make learning 1.x a waste of time
> I sincerely hope that the issues related to backporting libdpkg-perl
> can be overcome to make this possible, because Debian stable +
> backports is the most reliable and featureful workstation OS I've had
> the pleasure of using.  Truly the best of the best.
> Nicholas
> [...]

Help welcome.

 * Primary blocker for 2) being we need a new version of dpkg-dev (or
   backports of selected patches to dpkg-dev)
   - We can backport without this feature, but then 2) would not be

 * Secondary blocker: We need newer versions of strip-nondeterminism and
   - These are not very controversial AFAICT.


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