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Re: tarball signatures in source packages and jessie

Julien Cristau writes ("tarball signatures in source packages and jessie"):
> Hi Guillem,
> dpkg-source in sid now picks up orig.tar.gz.asc files and lists them in
> the source package.  Unfortunately dpkg-source in jessie then explodes
> on such source packages because it doesn't know what to do with them.
> Arguably that would have called for a minor version bump, but in the
> interest of allowing these files in the archive, would it make sense to
> cherry-pick
> http://anonscm.debian.org/git/dpkg/dpkg.git/commit/?id=d01212f2d7e59fc713c66b5d60421ac2296c1463
> to jessie's dpkg?


Backward-incompatible changes to the Debian source package format
should not be permitted without at least a whole stable release's

Otherwise people running jessie without jessie-updates (eg, only
jessie-security) won't be able to unpack various things in stretch!


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