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Re: License audit on dpkg source tree

Guillem Jover writes ("Re: License audit on dpkg source tree"):
> On Thu, 2009-11-12 at 18:11:16 +0100, Guillem Jover wrote:
> > The remaining issues, which might need asking people around are:
> > * lib/dpkg/utils.c: GPL-2 only
> > 
> >   This file started as GPL-2 only with commit a4f9322a6417e1683183ea
> >   by Wichert Akkerman, which only included cisdigit() and cisalpha().
> > 
> >   Ian Jackson added a new cisspace() function in commit c91dc9f, and
> >   refactored the fgets_checked() and fgets_must() functions from
> >   src/filesdb.c (GPL-2+) in commit b95907e. I'm pretty certian he
> >   just didn't notice that license header, but to be sure he'd need to
> >   be asked for confirmation,
> Ian was that the case?
> >   The rest of the changes are trivial.
> > 
> >   The cis* functions are not a problem, I had reaimplemented them
> >   from scratch some time ago for peformance reasons. And thus will be
> >   dropped after that commit happens.

Anything in the dpkg source tree with my copyright should be GPLv2+.

Anything there which seems to be marked GPLv2-only represents some
kind of administrative mistake, and the copyright notice can be
changed to GPLv2+.


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