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Improvements for man pages

Hello Guillem et al.,
while updating the German translation, I found the following strings
which might need an improvment:

#. type: Plain text
#: dpkg.1
msgid ""
"Print a single package which, is the target of one or more relevant pre-"
"dependencies, and has itself no unsatisfied pre-dependencies."

Probably remove the commas?

#: dpkg-buildpackage.1
msgid ""
"Specify the GNU system type we build for (long option since dpkg 1.17.17).  "
"It can be used in place of --host-arch or as a complement to override the "
"default GNU system type of the host Debian architecture."

This (and some following strings) do not use markup, e.g. B<> or I<>
for options (like --host-arch).



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