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Re: More trigger cycles

Hi Niels,

On Sonntag, 22. Februar 2015, Niels Thykier wrote:
> I admit I would (also?) have preferred that we did not depend on a
> missing error check in dpkg.  If the automatic check on jenkins.d.n is
> extended early in the stretch cycle, I suspect we have a pretty good
> chance at getting most of them done.

is there anything you'd like to see done except s#jessie#stretch#g then? 
Adding more jobs is rather trivial... (and hw ressources are available.)

>   My major concern right now is that we are still blind to the actual
> number of remaining issues.  We only learn of them by getting occasional
> "upgrade is broken" reports - this way, we are never really sure when we
> have fixed the last one.

If there are any jobs you could imagine to help finding these issues on 
jenkins.d.n before users report them, I'd be curious to hear (and quite very 
probably happy to implement them)!

Andreas has also added a new "suite" to his (private) piuparts configuration, 
wheezy2jessie-apt1st/main, which upgrades apt first and then lets the new apt 
compute the upgrade path for the remaining packages, do you think that would 
be interesting to run piuparts.d.o?

	Holger, still+again happy to see jenkins.d.n being so useful!

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