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Re: More trigger cycles


Quoting Niels Thykier (2015-02-22 09:43:00)
> I admit I would (also?) have preferred that we did not depend on a missing
> error check in dpkg.  If the automatic check on jenkins.d.n is extended early
> in the stretch cycle, I suspect we have a pretty good chance at getting most
> of them done.  My major concern right now is that we are still blind to the
> actual number of remaining issues.  We only learn of them by getting
> occasional "upgrade is broken" reports - this way, we are never really sure
> when we have fixed the last one.

even with an extension of the automatic check you could not be sure to have
caught all issues because any extension on top of the existing checks would
only be a heuristic and will thus miss some cases.

The fix for this would be to have a declarative way to express those trigger
activations which are currently done in maintainer scripts so that it is not
needed to try to "parse" maintainer scripts with a regex.

cheers, josch

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