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Re: gitweb: dpkg trigger cycle via apache2

Hi Niels,

Niels Thykier wrote:

> Debian `dpkg' package management program version 1.17.23 (amd64).
>  chain of packages whose triggers are or may be responsible:
>   gitweb -> gitweb
>  packages' pending triggers which are or may be unresolvable:
>   gitweb: /usr/share/apache2/apache2-maintscript-helper
> This simulates an upgrade scenario, where apache2 might be
> temporarily deconfigured while gitweb remains configured.  If this
> happens, dpkg is unable to recover as the cycle due to "await" trigger
> AND the dependency requires both packages to be configured.

Puzzling.  What prevents the following upgrade path?

 1. deconfigure gitweb
 2. configure apache2
 3. configure gitweb

I'm probably missing something obvious, I'm confused at where the
cycle is here.  It seems like gitweb depends on apache2 but not vice


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