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Re: Bug#770448: reassigning to dpkg ("Setting up libpam-modules-bin (1.1.8-3.1) hangs forever with dpkg using 100% cpu")

On 12/09/2014 03:17 PM, Guillem Jover wrote:
> I've confirmed now on Christian Grothoff's box that this was fixed in
> dpkg 1.17.22, with commit 9a9ba74915876449b1fe20d4b76ab759f7d09d86
> for #768852.
> (Thanks Christian for the access, it was a very helpful and quick way
> to reproduce this, instead of having to download GiBs of data over the
> net, and wait hours for the thing to install and upgrade. I've only
> fixed the immediate apt issue and gotten dpkg 1.17.22 installed, w/o
> doing the full dist-upgrade, I've cleaned after myself, and you can
> remove my access now, thanks again!)

Done, you're very welcome.


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