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Re: Bug#770448: reassigning to dpkg ("Setting up libpam-modules-bin (1.1.8-3.1) hangs forever with dpkg using 100% cpu")

Version: 1.17.22

On Sun, 2014-12-07 at 13:43:36 +0100, Niels Thykier wrote:
> On 2014-12-07 12:50, Holger Levsen wrote:
> > control: severity -1 serious
> > control: reassign -1 dpkg

> > reassigning to dpkg, as this is the hanging process here. Several people have 
> > now reported they have seen this issue on there systems... (here and also via 
> > irc.)
> > 
> > If you disagree please reassign to upgrade-reports, not qa.debian.org.

> For reference, dpkg is upgraded to 1.17.21 before the problem occurs.
> It is possible that this is fixed in dpkg 1.17.22 (which is not in Jessie).

I've confirmed now on Christian Grothoff's box that this was fixed in
dpkg 1.17.22, with commit 9a9ba74915876449b1fe20d4b76ab759f7d09d86
for #768852.

(Thanks Christian for the access, it was a very helpful and quick way
to reproduce this, instead of having to download GiBs of data over the
net, and wait hours for the thing to install and upgrade. I've only
fixed the immediate apt issue and gotten dpkg 1.17.22 installed, w/o
doing the full dist-upgrade, I've cleaned after myself, and you can
remove my access now, thanks again!)


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