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Re: Recent version of dpkg-maintscript-helper needed for BPO


On Fri, 14 Feb 2014, Thomas Goirand wrote:
> Looking at the script, it seems *very* complicated and hard to get it
> directly right. I believe I could write a much simpler version for my
> own needs (with less features, probably), reading what's been done in
> dpkg-maintscript-helper.
> So, what's your advice for writing a "backportable" dir_to_symlink function?

I have no specific advice. dir_to_symlink is hard to get right (the
opposite is easier).

> What is the argumentation against a backport of dpkg? 

Fear of breaking something, be it upgrades or something else. But I don't
generally buy this as we tend to encourage people to upgrade apt/dpkg
before doing upgrades anyway.

> Would it be easy for me to backport dpkg; is it a strait rebuild, or is
> there anything which has to be changed?

We'd probably have to review the changes since Wheezy to see if there's a
change that would be better reverted, but AFAIR there's no such thing

Some defaults (like xz compression) have changed but the wheezy infrastructure
already deals perfectly with xz everywhere.

Otherwise the backport should be relatively straightforward.

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