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Recent version of dpkg-maintscript-helper needed for BPO


Currently, /usr/bin/dpkg-maintscript-helper is a part of dpkg. However,
I don't think this is nice for backports. Let's say a package needs to
use dir_to_symlink which was introduced in 1.17.2 according the the
changelog, and only working since 1.17.5, then that said package can't
be backported easily. (this is a real life example here, though I don't
think it's necessary to tell which package I'm talking about)

Backporting the full of dpkg itself isn't needed, and would be annoying
to do and maintain.

The only solution I have currently have would be embedding my own copy
of dir_to_symlink in my package, which I really would like to avoid (do
I need to explain why this is very ugly?).

So I wonder, could dpkg-maintscript-helper be in another source package
than dpkg, so that it could be easily backported?

It'd be nice to have the dpkg maintainers opinion.

Thoughts anyone?

Thomas Goirand (zigo)

P.S: I'm registered to the BPO list, but not the dpkg one. No need to Cc
me if both list are kept as To:.

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