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Re: Questions regarding new strings (and a failure message during commit)


On Fri, 2013-11-01 at 12:28:09 +0100, Helge Kreutzmann wrote:
> while adapting the translation to the new/changed strings a few
> questions/comments arose (and an error during commit appeared, see below):
> The new term "available database" is used several times, e.g. 
> in dpkg.1:264. Is this meant as "databases, which are available on the
> system" or "databases named »available«"?

The latter, I'll try to reword these occurrences to make that more clear.

> dpkg-architecture.1:58 and dpkg-architecture.1:65 contain a double 
> space before "Command".

That's standard man(1) behaviour, after a full-stop when starting a new
sentence, but not a paragraph, on a new-line. In any case there's many
such separation of sentences all over the dpkg man pages. Or do you
mean something else?

> Usually names of manual pages are marked up and followed by their
> section, however, in dpkg-gensymbols.1:408 this is not the case for
> File::Glob(3perl).

Thanks, I'll fix this.

> Extra space before "will" in dpkg-maintscript-helper.1:75

This seems to be due to the preceding ‘)’, it could be a bug in po4a
perhaps, will investigate later, meanwhile I'll reflow the text to
avoid it, also found another instance of this in dpkg.1.

> dpkg-maintscript-helper.1:145 (and the following strings) seem to use
> "switch" and "convert" as synonyms (for symlink vs. directory). Is
> this correct or is there an intended difference between these two
> terms in this context?

No, they mean just the same, I'll unify the wording.

> Finally, the following error message (?) appeared on the last push:
> Total 5 (delta 4), reused 0 (delta 0)
> remote: Sending notification emails to: debian-dpkg-cvs@lists.debian.org
> remote: Triggered autobuild of master at http://jenkins.grml.org/job/dpkg-source/lastBuild/
> remote: 500 Can't connect to dam.homelinux.net:9418 (Bad hostname) at /usr/share/perl5/App/KGB/Client/ServerRef.pm line 195
> To git+ssh://kreutzm-guest@git.debian.org/git/dpkg/dpkg

Oh, don't worry, just ignore it for now. This is related to KGB, the
equivalent of CIA, to notify on IRC. If the domain persists in being
down for a while I'll notify the admins and disable it from the config.


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