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Re: 1.17.x series (master branch) started, wheezy branched

Hey Helge!

On Sat, 2013-06-08 at 18:27:23 +0200, Helge Kreutzmann wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 18, 2013 at 06:28:18AM +0100, Guillem Jover wrote:
> > At the same time I'll open up master for 1.17.x (jessie) development,
> > and will start flushing all the local changes and bug fixes I've been
> > accumulating this past months over the next few coming days, to avoid
> > massive merge conflicts with other branches/code, as some cleanup
> > changes touch files all over the place. So if people wanted to base off
> > master for new development I'd ask to hold off for a bit, to avoid
> > unneeded work on either side. I'd also ask translators to hold off on
> > working on master for a while, as I'm also planning to do a mass cleanup
> > of strings (with automated unfuzzies) to avoid wasted work or making it
> > more difficult. I'll be sending follow up mails when these two are done.
> Is there an ETA for this? Looking at the commits the clean ups seem to
> have calmed down a bit and I personally would like to translate as
> strings appear and avoid massiv rushes for lots of strings.

I got pulled into other stuff and slowed down the patch flushing pace.
I'll try to increase it again, as I'd like to prepare a release during
this month or so.

OTOH, personally I would not see much of a problem with a 1.17.0
release needing translation work, because we are at the beginning of
the release cycle and this will affect mainly unstable (and testing
users) at most. Also knowing that multiple changes to strings will not
trigger wasted work for translators is relaxing.

> > As a reminder to translators, please try to avoid useless merges (usually
> > from pulls, you can use -r there), and try to squash commits before a
> > push, otherwise the history gets cluttered with uninteresting stuff. Also
> > please try to follow the current commit message format, and when doing
> > commits on behalf of others, simply use «git am» to preserve authorship,
> > or use --author if the patch is not in git form. If in doubt just ask. :)
> I'll continue to use the script provided by you (=the dpkg
> developers), if any requirements change an updated script would be
> appreciated.

I'd have to take a look at it again. In any case some times multiple
consecutive commits can be avoided if the push is postponed until the
translation session is finished (even if that session last several


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