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Re: Add multiarch library paths to DEFAULT_LIBRARY_PATH in Dpkg::Shlibs?

+++ Игорь Пашев [2013-04-16 16:49 +0400]:
> 2013/4/16 Neil Williams <codehelp@debian.org>:
> > On Tue, 16 Apr 2013 16:11:24 +0400
> >
> So, is it important, that multiarch dirs go after crossdirs:
> our @librarypaths = (DEFAULT_LIBRARY_PATH, @crosslibrarypaths);
> ?

That's actually a rather problematic question because it's an awkward
transition and we want to break as few things as possible during it. I
believe the correct answer for now is to check multiarch paths,
'crossdirs' paths (if crossbuilding), and 'plain' paths. In that
order. At some point in the future we can drop the 'crossdirs' paths
as they will no longer be used. 

So in multiarch world crossbuilding is not special. You always look in
'multiarch dirs' (for the correct architecture) for the libraries.
Until everything is multiarched you also want to look in the 'plain
dirs' for backwards compatibility.

If you know you are crossbuilding you want to look in the appropriate
dirs where cross libaries are installed. Unfortunately which those are
depends on the mechanism you used to install them. If using
dpkg/multiarch then they will be in the multiarch dirs, so the
situation is as above (the same as native building). If using older
tools (dpkg-cross, xapt, xdeb) then they will be in the 'dpkg-cross
crossdirs' and you need to look in there too. As it will be possible
(but not a good idea) to install both a foreign-arch multiarch -dev
package (into multiarch dirs) and the corresponding foreign-arch
dpkg-crossed package (into dpkg-cross crossdirs) at the same time,
there is no such things as a 'perfect' correct path search order. But
as we are moving away from the old crossdirs paths to the new
multiarch paths, it is reasonable to declare that the multiarch paths
should be treated preferntially, and thus searched first.

This is the 'wrinkles that still needed to be sorted out' for the
multiarch -dev spec. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MultiarchCross

Updating that doc (and the main multiarch spec) has been on my todo
list for about a year.

I've been thinking that a 'crossbuilding sprint' would be a good idea
for a while, to tie down the recommendations for -dev packages,
in-archive cross-toolchains, multiarch perl and the 'arch-indepedent
dep-stack interruption' problem, and other outstanding issues such as
cross gobject-introspection. We've experimented on most of this in
Ubuntu with armhf and arm64 so (a select few of us) have a reasonable
idea of how it should work, but that knowledge now needs formalising
and documenting, and outstanding questions need some discussion.
Hopefully we can get this sorted by/at debconf. 

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