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Re: Add multiarch library paths to DEFAULT_LIBRARY_PATH in Dpkg::Shlibs?

2013/4/16 Neil Williams <codehelp@debian.org>:
> On Tue, 16 Apr 2013 16:11:24 +0400
> No - there's confusion here between the runtime link path and the
> build time link path. Dpkg::Shlibs at the point quoted is concerned
> with the build time paths. Where to find the stuff which has been
> linked against the built binaries for the current architecture of the
> current build.
> The shared library libfoo.so.1.2.3 lives in /usr/lib/$triplet for
> runtime usage but the -dev package which provides the .so symlink which
> is used to find the actual .so.N.N.N file is not necessarily in a
> MultiArch path. The implementation of MultiArch for -dev packages is
> not complete and most -dev packages are not co-installable with a
> foreign architecture of the same -dev package. (Any one package build is
> only building for a single architecture at any one time, discounting
> the issues with CC_FOR_BUILD which needs to be handled differently.
> Therefore, building bar for i386 and then armhf means removing some
> of the i386 build-deps and installing the armhf build-deps instead.
> This typically includes removing libfoo-dev:i386 and installing
> libfoo2:armhf & libfoo-dev:armhf. libfoo2:armhf can, of course, stay
> installed for later.)
> MultiArch in Debian is principally concerned with runtime paths, the
> build-time paths and consequent cross-compilation support still has a
> few wrinkles to resolve. (or dpkg-cross could have been removed from
> Wheezy.)

So, is it important, that multiarch dirs go after crossdirs:
our @librarypaths = (DEFAULT_LIBRARY_PATH, @crosslibrarypaths);

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