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Re: Bug#703792: apt-get source add a space to -a option for dpkg-buildpackage

Control: severity 699075 minor
Control: severity -1 minor
Control: merge 699075 -1
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On 24 March 2013 03:07, YunQiang Su <wzssyqa@gmail.com> wrote:
> Package: apt
> When cross build with apt-get source -amips -b ${any_package},
> it will call dpkg-buildpackage like:
> dpkg-buildpakage -a mips -b -uc ${any_package}
> While dpkg-buildpackage don't allow a space between a and mips


Thanks.  Attached the trivial patch for this.

Dpkg, how about an idiom like the following for processing short options:

     } elsif (/-a(.*)$/) {
-        $targetarch = $1;
+        $targetarch = $1 || shift @ARGV;

perhaps using a ‘maybeshiftopt’ that does shift if the next element of
ARGV does not begin with "-", or return ""?


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