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Re: Bug#695260: After upgrade from Lenny to Squeeze is no possible to configure lmodern.

reassign 695260 lmodern

On Wed, Dec 12, 2012 at 07:32:24AM +0900, Norbert Preining wrote:
> reassign 695260 dpkg
> tags 695260 - moreinfo unreproducible
> retitle 695260 dpkg-maintscript-helper breaks when rm_conffile file is missing
> thanks

> Dear dpkg maintainers,

> in our lmodern package we use dpkg-maintscript helper to remove the
> old lmodern.hints file (transition away from defoma). The code is
> generated by having debian/lmodern.maintscript containing:
> 	rm_conffile /etc/defoma/hints/lmodern.hints 2.004.1-3
> 	rm_conffile /etc/texmf/updmap.d/10lmodern.cfg 2.004.1-3.1
> which generated in the postinst script:
> 	dpkg-maintscript-helper rm_conffile /etc/defoma/hints/lmodern.hints 2.004.1-3 -- "$@"
> 	dpkg-maintscript-helper rm_conffile /etc/texmf/updmap.d/10lmodern.cfg 2.004.1-3.1 -- "$@"
> Now it seems that if out of whatever reason - in this current case it is
> hard to say why, but the admin might have removed the file which is an
> allowed procedure - the file is missing, the call to dpkg-maintscript-helper
> fails. I quote from the bug report we got:
> > Configurazione di lmodern (2.004.1-3)...
> > /etc/defoma/hints/lmodern.hints: Unable to open, or empty.
> > dpkg: errore nell'elaborare lmodern (--configure):
> >  il sottoprocesso vecchio script di post-installation ha restituito lo stato di errore 1

Er, read the version number.  This is trying to configure the *stable*
version of the lmodern package.  This has nothing to do with
dpkg-maintscript-helper, which is only applied in the *testing* version of
the package.

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