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Re: Moving changelog and copyright files to control tarball, or merging control and data tarballs ?

On 07/14/2012 08:48 AM, Charles Plessy wrote:
> Pushing the logic further, I wonder if that suggests that the Debian binary
> package format could be simplified to be a simple tarball with the metadata
> in /var/lib/dpkg, instead of the current format with a data and a control
> tarballs joined together in the 'ar' format. 
> This would not prevent dpkg to store the metadata somewhere else than
> /var/lib/dpkg later, as it would be easy to intercept the files and treat them
> appropriately, similar to what is being done with files in usr/share/doc with
> multi-arch packages.  Also, once using a simple tarball as binary package,
> arbitrary files become trivial to extract quickly, or perhaps even to update
> (like for translations).
> Have a nice day,
Are you writing that ar is a bad choice, and that tar would
be better? I read ar it was better than tar because containing
an index. Was I misslead by wrong web sites?



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