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Re: Moving changelog and copyright files to control tarball, or merging?control and data tarballs ?

Charles Plessy, 2012-07-14 02:48+0200 (gmane.linux.debian.devel.general):
> As the logic applied to the changelog and copyright files can be applied to
> most other files produced by the packager, like NEWS.Debian, it looks like the
> trend would be to have them installed in /var/lib/dpkg rather than
> /usr/share/doc.

copyright and NEWS.Debian under /var/lib/dpkg? Bad idea I think. These
files are important documentation for the user, and as such their place
is under /usr/share/doc.

If such a move is done, their should at least be symlinks so that these
files are still available where users will look for documentation, that
is under /usr/share/doc.

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