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Re: 1.16.x series (master branch) frozen for wheezy

Quoting Guillem Jover (guillem@debian.org):
> Hi!
> So the freeze has happened already, and I'm thus declaring the 1.16.x
> series, currently tracked in master, frozen; only translations 
> regression fixes should happen there, so in principle no new strings
> should get introduced.

Thanks for the freeze.

I have to say that I yelled out quite loud when discovering the number
of fuzzy strings in a translation that I had, IIRC, fully completed (I
think last time was in the bus back from DC11).

Even dselect got 6 fuzzies out of nowhere..:-)

Several of these seem to come from cosmetic changes(I'm thinking about
the ellipsis changes, for instance). I understand this is a huge work
but it would be great if someone could take care of unfuzzy for such

And now, let's dig into updates. Will take a while. Hopefully, I have
two long plane trips during next month..:)

Still, I'm not sure I'll be able to complete the French manpages
translation given the gigantic size of updates. And typos or errors
are likely to happen: nobody can do such a huge update without any

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