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1.16.x series (master branch) frozen for wheezy


So the freeze has happened already, and I'm thus declaring the 1.16.x
series, currently tracked in master, frozen; only translations and
regression fixes should happen there, so in principle no new strings
should get introduced.

I'm planning to do roughly an upload to unstable for the 1.16.x series
every two weeks or once a month, depending on the accumulated changes
but ideally only with translations, until the wheezy release.

To avoid immediate confusion with merges and similar I'm *not* going to
branch development for 1.16.x into a wheezy branch and master for 1.17.x
for now, I'll do that once the bulk of the translations have trickled
in and the first upload has happened, in two weeks from now.

I'm doing a separate call for translation for each pot file right away.


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