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Re: Bug #583585 dpkg-maintscript-helper

Hello Raphael, and hello world,

On 2011/12/05 12:08PM, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
>You have to deal with multiple cases:
>1/ replacing a directory with a symlink
>   v1 has /foo/bar as directory
>   v2 has /foo/bar as symlink

Now I have a problem :) I interpret your notation as: before, we have a
directory /foo/bar; after, we have a symlink /foo/bar.

Where is the directory supposed to go after I run the script's option?

>Have you read the parts of the debian policy that explain dpkg's behaviour
>with symlinks and directories?

I've looked into the debian policy and the only specific thing I've
found is about symlinks (in section 10.5. of
/usr/share/doc/debian-policy/policy.txt.gz), that basically describes
the cases when a link should be absolute and when relative. Did you
refer to something else?

TIA and all the best,

Gianluca Ciccarelli
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