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Bug #583585 dpkg-maintscript-helper

Hi all,

My name is Gianluca and I'm willing to contribute to the dpkg package
maintenance and (eventually) development, so I'm following Raphael
Hertzog's suggestions and looking into bugs that seem a good starting

I found bug #583585, and I guessed it was a good idea to tell everyone
that I'm trying to implement the feature requested. I'd also like your
opinion about my interpretation of the feature: it should be an
additional option in the `case' statement of the script, that takes the
symlink as argument, and 
1) moves the directory (or also a single file?) to the place where the
synlink lives
2) removes the symlink
3) creates the symlink again in the previous FS location where the
directory used to live

Could you be so kind to tell me if I'm on the right path, or did I miss
something crucial?

All the best,

Gianluca Ciccarelli
GPG key ID: FDF429B0

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