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Review of pu/multiarch/master

Hi Guillem,

I took some time to review your work in progress (pu/multiarch/master
while it was pointing to 5602d63c7669a9cb5ba293faff8cf85b3accc746).

I have pushed some small fixes for you in pu/multiarch/for-guillem,
there are "fixup!" commits ready to be "autosquashed" by you. Most
of the changes ary typo/doc updates but there's a bit more, see below.

There's also a new pu/multiarch/full which is just the
pu/multiarch/for-guillem with everything squashed and rebased on latest

Some other comments:

*** commit bbcd140fa85a8aa42ab8f52a86ae91591cdba6f0
“dpkg: Update on-disk database to use a multiarch compliant layout”

| pkg_infodb_init(void)
| {
|        char *db_format_file, *db_format_file_new;
|        db_format_file_new = dpkg_db_get_path(INFODIR "/format" NEWDBEXT);

It's a bit unfortunate that we have to hardcode the filename that is in fact
controlled by the new atomic_file module. I would suggest to enhance atomic_file
to be able to export the names for the various files.

I have add a few commits to squash for this. And also to hide NEWDBEXT/OLDDBEXT
in atomic-file.

*** commit a8c90816abb1f8b4c077e92a04faed5311c7483f
“libdpkg: Change pkg_db_find_pkg() to create new arch instances”

It's tagged "Sponsored-by: Linaro" but you're marked as author,
I think it's a mistake due to the fact that you split a commit of mine.

Raphaël Hertzog ◈ Debian Developer

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