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Re: postinst corrupts my settings after a 'apt-get upgrade'.

Many thanks, a

update-rc.d forked-daapd disable

makes it :-)


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> Datum: Wed, 05 Oct 2011 12:06:27 -0700
> Von: Russ Allbery <rra@debian.org>
> An: votdev@gmx.de
> CC: debian-dpkg@lists.debian.org
> Betreff: Re: postinst corrupts my settings after a \'apt-get upgrade\'.

> votdev@gmx.de writes:
> > i have some problems with the package update mechanism in my
> > appliance. I have installed various services like
> > 'forked-daapd'. Because i wanted to monitor and start the daemon via
> > 'monit' i removed the init script from the runlevels via 'update-rc.d -f
> > forked-daapd remove'. After a 'apt-get dist-upgrade' (after enabling
> > Squeeze backports) i received the package from the backports. The
> > problem now is that it seems that the 'postinst' script has registered
> > the runlevels again and the process is statred via init.d script and
> > monit now.
> The basic problem that you're having is that this is not the correct way
> to disable an init script in Debian.  The correct way is to rename all the
> S* links in /etc/rc?.d for that service to K* links.  If you make that
> change, you'll find it's preserved across upgrades and changes.
> And yes, that's annoying and there's no good tool in the base installation
> to handle it for you, and that's a bug that should be fixed.
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