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Semantic change for dpkg triggers?


I am considering changing the default behaviour of dpkg triggers. [1]
Currently when a package activates a trigger (except if it uses
dpkg-trigger directly with the --no-await option, and that is a minority
of cases), the trigerring package ends up in "triggers-awaited" status
and it doesn't satisfy dependencies.

This tends to be not needed and requires trigger processing sooner than
what's really required in many cases. Thus I am considering to change
this: the triggering package would directly go to the installed status
(the old behaviour could be kept if the package implementing the trigger
switched to another trigger directive named "interest-crucial" for example
instead of the usual "interest").

My question is thus: are there triggers currently in use where this
relaxed behaviour would be wrong? Or more simply are there packages which
are really not working before the processing of their awaited triggers?

Alternatively we could also discuss whether it would make sense
to change the meaning of the triggers-awaited status to something where
it would be enough to satisfy dependencies.

Thank you for your feedback.


[1] Initial proposal here: http://lists.debian.org/debian-dpkg/2011/05/msg00075.html
    For more background information, you can read my recent blog post:
and also the 
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