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Re: dependencies relation to the "config" file within contol.tar.gz in .deb?

Hi Otto,

Otto Kekäläinen wrote:

> *Does the config file within a deb package execute before the
> dependencies of a package is configured?*

See dpkg-preconfigure(8), debconf-devel(7), and [1].  In general, the
answer is that no, you can't rely on the order that .config scripts
are run.

> Can I install settings and dependencies with one deb, or do I need to
> make two packages: one that first runs a lot of debconf switches and a
> second meta-package that (as dependencies) actually install all the
> packages I want and that was preconfigured with the first package?

Yes, I think something like that makes sense.  The first package could
just be a file you pass to debconf-set-selections(1), though. :)  That
way, you can even use it before the package manager is installed:


Hope that helps,

[1] http://www.debian.org/doc/packaging-manuals/debconf_specification.html#AEN275
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