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dependencies relation to the "config" file within contol.tar.gz in .deb?


(Apologies if this is the wrong list to ask this question.)

I've made a .deb package that once installed draws in as dependencies a
lot of packages and configures their debconf settings via the "config"
file (within control.tar.gz). I am not however sure if this is working
properly. So I needed to check:

*Does the config file within a deb package execute before the
dependencies of a package is configured?*

Can I install settings and dependencies with one deb, or do I need to
make two packages: one that first runs a lot of debconf switches and a
second meta-package that (as dependencies) actually install all the
packages I want and that was preconfigured with the first package?

Otto Kekäläinen
+358 44 566 2204

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