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Insufficient check on flex/bison availability


again with a minimal chroot, configure bails out on missing curses,
which is fine, but finally returns successfully; however, building
fails, quite badly since the ylwrap wrapper doesn't say anything about
what goes wrong:
| $ make
| … 
|   LEX    trigdeferred.c
| make[4]: *** [trigdeferred.c] Error 1

| $ make V=1
| make[4]: Entering directory `/home/kibi/dpkg.git/lib/dpkg'
| /bin/bash ../../build-aux/ylwrap trigdeferred.l .c trigdeferred.c -- :  
| make[4]: *** [trigdeferred.c] Error 1

I guess erroring out with some proper message might help. I guess
erroring out at configure time might not be the best option, since
(again a guess) tarballs will likely ship pregenerated files.


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