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Merging DPKG::Log into dpkg codebase

[.. Resending the mail as it seemingly did not reach the list and BTS ..]

Hi dpkg maintainers,

in a reply to my blog post about DPKG::Log, Raphael Hertzog, commented:

> I would suggest you to submit Dpkg::Log to dpkg
> itself... to be included in libdpkg-perl.
> I wonder why you did not ask in the first place.
> That way we can keep the code in sync in case dpkg starts outputting different stuff in the log file.

and I must confess, the only reason why I didn't ask is:
I just did not think about it.

Well, I've written DPKG::Log because I had a need for it and thought
it could be useful for others. Merging it into the dpkg codebase is
probably a good idea and so I'm revisiting that idea with this mail.
I see one problem, however.
My library, DPKG::Log, is written purely in Perl. I didn't see a big
need to implement it in C, because after all log processing
isn't something you do on an embedded system, I guess.
Now, AFAICT, it is one of the dpkg maintainers goals, to implement
dpkg-tools in C, isn't it?
Would this be a problem?

Apart from that: I'm dependend on that tool and therefore I'd
hate to submit and forget. So would it still be possible to
take care for DPKG::Log/dpkg-report, if it would get merged
into the dpkg codebase?

Best Regards,

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