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which are the source files?...

Respected Sir...

                        we are the students of mes college of engineering. As a part of our project, we are developing a different file system for GNU/hurd. For this we selected 'dpkg' . Then our aim is to modify the dpkg source files(*.c) that is responsible for exploding the content in the .deb package  while installing. so as a prior step we generated a fully functional dpkg from sources( dpkg src.deb).
Then after identifying the source files(*.c),   our work are the following;
                            1.  creating a directory with the name of the installing package name using dpkg.

                            2. change mode into that directory

                            3. unzip the package under this  directory. After unzip, the files of corresponding package will come under it's own files in the file system hierarchy. ( eg: let a package name chap1.deb. Unzip this package under                         '/chap1.deb', then It's files, for example abc, bcd will be  coming under /bin/abc, /etc/bcd. ).

                            4. creating a symbolic link  to the virtual file system hierarchy( for example :- ln -sf ./bin/abc /bin/abc)

     after doing all this things user viewing each packages under       /packages.deb/packagename  ->package own files in file hierarchy system . (for example :-  /packages/debhelper_8.0 -> /usr/bin/share).

     But sir, we felt some difficulties for identifying which are source files of dpkg, which are suitable to make the above modification...so. sir we need your very valuable information concerning which are .c files  that will be selected for  modification?...
     we assume that, modifications required for these  .c files,

      1. (.c) files in src directory of dpkg

      2. (.c) files in dpkg-deb directory

      3. (.c) files in dpkg-split

                                   sir..if any mistake help us...

   looking forward...

  yours faithfully...

 baneenamol v.p

 muhsina a

 mumthas a


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