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On Thu, 03 Feb 2011, Baneenamol VP wrote:
>         We are the students of mes engineering college in India. As a part
> of the main project  "A SIMPLE IMPLEMENTATION OF STOWFS" in the final
> semester,we need your valuable information about PACKAGE MANAGEMENT PROGRAMS
> such as aptitude,apt-get,dpkg,dselect.
>          As an initial step we successfully compiled
> aptitude,apt-get,dpkg,dselect from sources and then generated  a fully
> functional binary package management program . Now we are studying the
> source code of each of this package management programs. But we felt some
> difficulties for identifying source(.c)files that is responsible for
> exploading content while installing a package(.deb) using these.

I'm not sure what you mean with "exploading" but I guess you're looking
for src/archives.c and src/processarc.c in dpkg.

> To proceed
> well with remaining  steps we need your very valuable informations about
> which is the most suitable package management program to modify the source
> for the success of stowfs .

I don't know anything about stowfs (except a quick search on the internet
right now) but it's probably something that you want to deal at the dpkg

At least because I expect you will want to extract somewhere else than /
while still comparing to / to make up the various decisions of what to
install on how to install it.

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