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Re: Bug#603068: tex-common,texlive-binaries: can't be installed together

Dear dpkg maintainers,

I have a question concerning dpkg-query, it seems that the semantics
of it has changed:

Currently, when I call
	dpkg-query -W -f='${Status}' texlive-base 
it returns 1 (error) if texlive-base is not installed (or going to 
be installed).

This breaks installation of tex-common with texlive-binaries, but without

As far as I remember in former times this was working, so is this a
recent change, and was it intended, or is this a coding error from
our side.

In principle what we are doing the in the tex-common trigger action
is to check whether texlive-base is installed, and if it is we run
some commands.

Thanks and all the best


Norbert Preining            preining@{jaist.ac.jp, logic.at, debian.org}
JAIST, Japan                                 TeX Live & Debian Developer
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