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Re: Bug#603084: ext4 default fs


On Mittwoch, 10. November 2010, maximilian attems wrote:
> Package: partman-base
> Version: 144
> Severity: important
> pledging for:
> packages/partman/partman-base/debian/rules:DEFAULT_FS=ext4
> ext4 is a sane default and valid choice for linux-2.6 >= 2.6.32
> It is the fs that the linux-2.6 team recommends as default
> choice for squeeze. ext4 is a safe choice and maintained
> upstream in the stable 2.6.32 tree.

there is #602956 reporting nfs4 doesnt work for mountpoints residing on nfs4.

> I have been told that current dpkg may be a blocker thus
> maintainers added to cc.

It seems you forgot that, doing so now. 


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