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Re: file filtering in dpkg -i


Raphael Hertzog [2010-05-17 14:13 +0200]:
> There is code implementing this. It has been made by Tollef Fog Heen
> It needs:
> - an update
> - documentation written
> - new corresponding non-regression tests in pkg-tests.git

Sounds great. I'll have a go at this.

Guillem Jover [2010-05-17 14:23 +0200]:
> Tollef implemented this some time ago, I've a cleaned up branch in my
> repository (git://git.hadrons.org/git/debian/dpkg/dpkg.git pu/filters).

Thanks Guillem, I'll use your branch as a basis then.

> Additionally as you mention, now that we have directory
> configuration fragment loading, it would probably make more sense to
> add inclusion and exclusion options instead.

I agree that options now are more suitable than a separate filter.d/

> Something else that came up while discussing the implementation was
> the semantics of inclusion and exclusions depending on their order
> (I can try to fish the irc logs for that one).

My gut feeling is that a path is ran through all filters in order, and
the last one has the final word. I. e. the most special filter should
come last:

  --exclude /usr/share/doc/* --include /usr/share/doc/*/copyright

This would filter everything except "copyright". In this pathological

  --exclude /usr/share/doc/* --include /usr/share/doc/*

nothing would be filtered at all. Did you discuss something else back


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